Sunday, May 10, 2009


Fire Fall

One big reason I love living in San Francisco is that every week -- hell, every day -- there is something interesting (and often very photogenic) going on. Yesterday was the 16th annual Kaboom, the yearly music and fireworks extravaganza put on by local radio station KFOG. The musical portion of the show was led off by a very ho-hum local artist named Chuck Prophet, followed by Susan Tedeschi and then headliners Los Lonely Boys. I got there early and set up a spot very far straight back from the stage and close to the water, where the fireworks would be set off. My friend (and occasional commenter here) Ravioli met me soon after I got there; a little later, our pal Marty showed up, then Mrs. Generik got there after she finished her work day.

I set up the camera on a tripod with a wide angle lens and used a wireless remote to get some long exposures. Not all of them worked, but I did get a few nice shots. (More below the fold.)

Now today the How Weird Street Fair is happening on Howard Street, and you can bet I'll be lugging my camera downtown for that event as well. And then near the end of the month is the annual Carnaval parade and street fair. Man, I love this city.


Red Hot

The Lion's Roar



ahab said...

Nice shots! (I'm always too lazy to use my tripod, so I never get this kind of subject.)

Tom Hilton said...


Generik said...

Thanks. I've tried shooting fireworks without a tripod a number of times and have always been disappointed with the results. I still need to study up some things, but I have to say that I like these shots better than any fireworks shots I've taken before.

Also -- SFist apparently liked my How Weird Street Faire photos.