Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yellow Cab



E-6 said...

Well, it sure ain't a Crown Vic. Is that an old Chrysler hood ornament? Cool.

William Buckley said...


ahab said...

This car is sitting on the street in that ghost town part of Bisbee. I was actually snapping this shot when I noticed the sign-painter quietly working in the alley behind me. They have an old Caddy, a Studebaker pickup and a couple of other classic cars just sort of decorating the street.

I think it is a Chrysler, E.

Tom Hilton said...

Way cool. I want that car, only maybe not in yellow.

Generik said...

I love that the phone number uses the old system of named exchanges. When I was a kid, my phone number was NAtional 6-5526.

Oh, great shot, too!

ahab said...

Thanks all.

So, G, the taxi number would have been DH2-3842 or HE2-3842 or HL2-3842?

And what kind of society invents a mnemonic for 626-5526? (It did enable you to recall it all these years later, though. My numeric one is long gone.)