Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go Niners!

Locked Out
Bronica ETRSi

Fuji Astia 100


Tom Hilton said...

Except for Kyle Williams.

Seriously, though: this is a great, evocative shot.

William Buckley said...

I am depressed, even though I should be happy we made it this far. At least my main team )Manchester City) is in first place.

I do have to admit that this hurt though.

ahab said...

Shame of a game. Beside #10's shenanigans, your QB clearly choked -- like, a textbook case -- on several successive drives late in the fourth quarter and in OT.

I guess we all need to admit that the Giants are the egg mcmuffin of the NFC. When they throw a duck of an interception, it knocks out a starter on the opposing defense. Etc, etc, etc.

Weakest team in the SB since their last appearance.

Generik said...

I'm... I can't even talk about this one yet. Tough one to swallow. Arrgghh.