Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look Back in Blue

Look Back in Blue

A strange window in the vicinity of Prague Castle.


Tom Hilton said...'s like a window back in time.

ahab said...

That's Kafka's house.

Cool shot!

E-6 said...

It's Kafka's house? Well, it all makes sense now. ;)

Generik said...

That's right, I'd forgotten! Thanks, ahab!

ahab said...

Have youse guys ever read "The Castle"? It's whacked, of course. But the whole thing absolutely obsesses on the inescapable presence of that castle above the city.

Off topic, but much better and equally whacked is JM Coetzee's "Life and Times of Michael K." But no castle. Just an odd individual surviving in a beautiful and absurd world. A modern masterpiece by probably my favorite living author.

William Buckley said...

Very well composed.