Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday Night at the Joint

Friday Night at the Joint

Mission hipsters captured in their natural environment. A late shot taken on the most recent Ale & Quail Club outing.


ahab said...

I like the colors and really everything about this one. Almost looks like a studio shoot.

E-6 said...

The cities may change, but the hipster dress code is universal.

Generik said...

Funny how that works, isn't it, E?

Thanks, ahab. I really like the color on this as well. I tried it in b&w, and couldn't stand to lose the reds and blue and green.

I was particularly pleased with how this came out considering that it was a total hip shot (no pun intended), with the camera hanging at my side and me pressing the shutter while not looking at them. And I only took the one.

Tom Hilton said...

The eternal mystery of hipsters: what is Moderately Attractive Chick doing with Bad Hat and Hideous Hairdo?

Tom Hilton said...

Oh, and great shot.