Friday, October 28, 2011

Corn Rows

More...Time To Clean Up And Move on


ahab said...

Nice lines, texture, text. Good yet mundane subject.

I'm going to have to start watching your exif data, I guess. Not sure how familiar I'll be with your various equipment though. And I think a lot of it is not revealed by your particular workflow. You're an Apple guy, for starters?

Do you do filters and so forth and shoot this sort of shot in B&W, generally, or do you handle it post-processing?

Huge questions, I realize. Feel free to leave it all in the background or to spread your answers out over a month or two. I'll probably understand them better that way.

William Buckley said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I use probably 90% analogue. For medium format my main two are the Bronica ETRsi, and the Yashica Mat 124G. For 135 I go back and forth between the Pentax Spotmatic with the 50mm 1.4, and the Canon AE-1P with a 28mm. I also use my Canon Populaire quite a bit. too.

I do own a Canon S90, but really only use it on vacations.

As for workflow, I develop everything in a Patterson tank and use Rodinal diluted to about 1+100 and let it sit for an hour. I usually have a beer or a couple of whiskeys while it is developing as I feel it adds to the whole experience. After drying I scan it in with an Epson v700 and either clean it up in Aperture or Capture One Pro.

About the only filter I use is a polarizing filter. All of my lenses have UV filters mainly because I want to protect the glass.

I have been experimenting with scanning my black and white in colour mode and then converting in Aperture of Capture One, but I am not sure if I see much of a difference.

As for films, I absolutely LOVE Ilford FP4+. Great great stuff. For colour, I love Portra, Fuji 160, Astia, Velvia, and Provia.

That is about it I guess!

ahab said...

Hey, I have an S90 too, which I also use primarily for vacations. And there the similarities between us end!

You've been doing this for a while, I suspect. Steadily. And you've got a fairly strong style by now, both in form and content.

I just got back into photography a few years ago after a 20-year hiatus -- moving from solely SLR's then to solely DSLR's now. I was shooting mostly any old "pictorial" target of opportunity, as lazily as possible, until I realized there's an interesting and attractive lake across the street from my house and that my long term hobby of birdwatching could translate into good subject matter for the photo hobby. Those are two subjects I now pursue somewhat less lazily than everything else. I am interested in formal innovation too, but I don't have a lot of experience there yet.

Anyway, thanks for the brief primer on your gear. I think your style of work is bringing an interesting new dimension to the shots on the blog.