Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hole in the World

Marble Valley 05
One of many fissures in the marble karst landscape of Marble Valley in Marble Mountain Wilderness (are you sensing a pattern there?). Somewhere around here is the discovery entrance to Bigfoot Cave, one of the deepest caves in the U.S.


E-6 said...

Cool shot.

(And no, I haven't lost my marbles.)

Generik said...

Man, I love your wilderness shots.

I would not want to backpack with you -- as much as I would love to see the sights you see, I am way too wimpy to get there -- but I truly love seeing your record of the places you go.

ahab said...

I really like that shot.

But wouldn't you think marble peanut butter ice cream is based in vanilla rather than chocolate ice cream? Well it's not, not at our best local place anyway. It's based in chocolate ice cream. Which is wrong and does not taste as good as the right, vanilla, base.

And what Generik said.

Tom Hilton said...


And if I ate marble peanut butter ice cream, I think I would have to go with a chocolate base. Think Reese's.

ahab said...

1) Candy is different from ice cream. They comprise different--bizarro world different--universes.

2) Marble is almost always grained with a darker tone than its base tone.

Consequently peanut butter marble ice cream should be vanilla- rather than chocolate-based.

Tom Hilton said...

Ice cream is much more like candy than like actual marble, which, last I checked, is a mineral and not a comestible.