Thursday, March 25, 2010

Travel Thursday: 12 Galaxies

Frank & High Society

Thanks to a notice on SFist from fellow photographer Troy Holden, I was able to attend the 50th birthday celebration of San Francisco's own Frank Chu last night at the Palace Hotel. Frank is a legend in his own time, a modern-day Emperor Norton of a sort. About 25 people showed up to help him celebrate. He drank Budweiser on the rocks, ate a hamburger, and had a small cheesecake with a candle in it delivered to him by the wait staff. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and wished him well in his galactic travels.


Tom Hilton said...

Ha! This is great. Emperor Norton, indeed.

And I'm so old I can remember when his signs were nearly coherent...

Ravioli07 said...

What does he sign say?
I couldn't get it at all.
Glad I'm not alone here.
But I want to visit the 12 galaxies soon.