Thursday, October 29, 2009

Travel Thursday: Yangshuo, China

Li River

I know I've posted a series of pictures from Yangshuo here before, but these weren't in that set. Both of these shots were taken just across the street from the hotel where we stayed. If I hadn't said it before, allow me to opine that Yangshuo was by far my favorite spot of all the cities we visited in China.


Li River Tour Boat


ahab said...

First, I didn't know we had to post all shots of a place at one go! I've been doling out Paris for most of a year!

Second, your shots of those Chinese mountains were among my very favorite of your B/W postings on Flickr when I first looked at every shot on your account. What a dramatic spot.

Donna said...

Your China shots are almost, ALMOST, enough to make me want to endure the horrendously long journey to get there.

The shots are breathtaking. I want them in a book so I can look at them for hours over coffee and grappa.

Tom Hilton said...

Beautiful! If I ever go to China, which is unlikely at this point, I'm definitely going there.