Monday, October 12, 2009

Drink Up, Lads!

The Phoenix

I know Tom needs a martini today, because he missed out on the Guinness here yesterday.


Tom Hilton said...

And seriously bummed about it, too. Spent the whole day (beginning at 7:30 am) at the office. Yuck.

This is a great sign, though.

Generik said...

We were all sorry you couldn't make it, Tom. Kvatch and Frogette were hoping to pick your brain about Yosemite -- they're headed there very soon, for the first time ever. Maybe you could email some tips to them.

ahab said...

Wish I coulda been there. I love Guinness.

Great sign.

Donna said...

Is it me or is the Guinness better in the UK? That's been my experience. Here it's like drinking a loaf of bread, there it's not been so overwhelmingly filling or something.

Oh yeah the shot!