Friday, October 23, 2009

Being Seen Around Town

Actually, It's Rude

Recently some of my photos have been showing up on a local site affiliated with the SF CBS bureau called Eye On Blogs. That's basically a one-woman operation run by Brittney Gilbert, and all I can say is, thank you very much, Brittney! I'm always happy to have my pictures posted where more people can see them, and I very much appreciate that she thinks they're good enough to be included in some of her posts. This is the most recent one to show up there, and is my personal favorite of the past week.


Donna said...

wow. way cool. I'm feeling a bit Neil Gaiman-y crossed with a drop of David Lynch at the moment.

Tom Hilton said...

Great surreal image. Gaiman and Lynch, indeed.

And is it just me, or does this makes an oddly appropriate pair with the one before it?

Generik said...

I also thought this shot and the trout shot made a particularly apt pair.

ahab said...

Wild one!