Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yreka Fire Department

Yreka Fire Dept.

We got to Yreka just in time to catch the Xmas parade with our good friend Dennis last December. I got a shot or two.


ahab said...

Nice shot.

Do they actually light a fire to extinguish for this parade?

And there's a "Yreka" as well as a "Eureka"?

Generik said...

No, no fires lit during the parade.

And yes, the two cities are separate entities. Eureka is on the coast, along Hwy. 101. Yreka is well inland, on I5 near Mt. Shasta.

Tom Hilton said...

Really cool shot.

The way you can distinguish the two towns is that Yreka is near Weed, and Eureka is where they grow it.

ahab said...

Eureka: I thought they raised Reagan there.

G, what's that yellow glow silhouetting the fireman? Are you sure the fire department wasn't just responding to a parade on fire?

Generik said...

There was some fog/smoke/I don't really remember what drifting through the parade. Whatever it was, it was pretty innocuous (but certainly prevalent). And it made for good background.

ahab said...

Sorry, I just felt like harassing you.