Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Call

Gold Dust 01
The Gold Dust Lounge, which won't be around much longer unless the court intervenes. I met Erik and Bill there for an afternoon of drinking, shooting, and talking about how we need to get Ahab out to San Francisco.


ahab said...

My instinct was that I like the curve of this bar's jib, but of course it's "cut" of jib. But I do think I could grow old there quite happily.

I am way way overdue for a trip way out west. I have a friend who lives in Sonoma and we've been trying for a couple of years to coordinate a trip out there, but it fell through for this March.

Why don't I commit right now to a fall trip out?

ahab said...

What do you guys shoot, darts or pool? Because I suck at darts.

Tom Hilton said...

That would be great!

And I suck at both.

Generik said...

My skill at pool increases on a curve with my state of drunkenness, until it reaches a peak, at which time the booze takes over and I suck at pool for the rest of the night.

So pool. Definitely pool.

E-6 said...

No one ever lost an eye at billiards, right?


E-6 said...

And it really does look like a swell bar. (Nudes in gilded frames? YES, please. And I'll have a bourbon, thanks...)

ahab said...

Sure hope the place can be saved. They're not making joints like that anymore.

Generik said...

We're doing all we can to preserve the place.

E, I can't promise that no one's ever lost an eye at the Gold Dust, but I do know no one's ever played pool there. Unfortunately.

Still, it does have most of the other necessary earmarks of a great joint.