Thursday, July 14, 2011

American Redstart

American Redstart


Generik said...

Looking at that tree, I'm wondering if it's still winter where you are. I can't believe that's the case!

E-6 said...

Beautifully composed. Again.

ahab said...

No, G, summer finally came and we're having a very nice one in fact. this shot is from a couple of months ago, in the midst of my computer troubles. Trees were coming into leaf but this one was either late or these were dead branches. I'm not sure which. I'm glad in either case because I think the branches present good opportunities for visual interest and the lack of leaves allows you to see unusual birds of the canopy like this warbler. This is a pretty unusual bird, not exactly rare but rarely seen. And he's tiny and erratic and speedy and almost constantly on the move hunting bugs, so he is a difficult "get." But I got him.

E, thanks! I like the way the energy of the bird and of the branches is pointed the same way.