Monday, June 13, 2011

Stepping on Ahab's Toes

Red-tailed Hawk on Polk

"Grab your camera and come out to the fire escape, quick!" Mrs. G said. Good thing she did, or I might have missed this red-tailed hawk on the building directly across Polk Street from us. Apparently he had grown tired of his usual diet of gophers and field mice and was looking for a change of pace: a little pigeon, perhaps, or maybe seagull. In any event, I was very happy to be able to catch him spreading his wings and getting ready to take flight.

Apologies to my talented bird-capturing blogmate!


ahab said...

Wow, beautiful shot! Great structure in the background too. Well done.

(No worries on copyright infringement -- I shot a couch on a NY street recently. It happens.)

Tom Hilton said...

Wow indeed! Fantastic shot.

Generik said...

I guess after all this time together, we've begun to influence each others' work.

E-6 said...


Donna said...