Thursday, June 23, 2011

See Your West: Crater Lake

Crater Lake 01
We got to Crater Lake it was socked in, zero visibility. Had been all day. Hung around the Great Room at the Lodge, drank a couple martinis, hoping for maybe a break in the weather. Nothing. In the middle of dinner Jody said "hey, look, there's a little bit of blue!" Ten minutes later mostly clear, the whole dining room applauding, everybody running outside to shoot pictures.


Generik said...

That is an amazing place. I've been there a couple times, some 30+ years apart, and have experienced awe and wonder both times. Just breathtaking.

So glad the weather broke for you! Last time Sally and I were there, it was sunny with a few cool clouds when we arrived. Within a half hour or so, we were getting some pretty fair drizzle on us.

Tom Hilton said...

This was our second time, and yeah, awe is the word.

We were cursing our weather luck right up until it started clearing. Next morning was gorgeous and clear, so it worked out well after all.

ahab said...


E-6 said...

Wonderful capture.

Tom Hilton said...