Thursday, February 10, 2011


At Palais Royal


E-6 said...

Belle image!

ahab said...

Merci beaucoup!

Generik said...

Ah! Tres bien!

I love that Metro stop, and took quite a few shots of it myself. Very nice!

ahab said...

It's such a beautifully-done system. I got some good shots of the Arts and Metiers station too that I'll have to post some time. That one is like a big copper tube on the platform level. I think it's supposed to be the interior of Jules Vernes' submarine. There are little false windows shaped like portholes. When you peer into them you see realistic sculptural representations of various landmarks from the surrounding neighborhood. It's really fantastic. The French have such a great sense of play.

We're going back to Paris on Monday for ten days, so I'm going to try to churn out my leftover shots from our trip two years ago. I have yet to put up a few of my favorites. That was probably my best photo trip ever. The upcoming one can't possibly compete. (But I'm hoping it will!)

Tom Hilton said...

Really nice. Love the color.