Monday, December 6, 2010

Via Giulia

Via Giulia
Rome. Taken a year ago this week.


Tom Hilton said...

Nice. Great sense of place in this.

Savannah said...

Gorgeous! Yes, you can feel it.

Donna said...

don't bogart the chianti, man. I'm parched.

ahab said...

There's an exquisite little pizza bakery right up the street from there. I'm buying.

(Of course, you could make that first statement anywhere in Rome or, for that matter, anywhere in Italy. Those people know how to live.)

Generik said...

Didn't have to read the caption to know that this is Rome. Beautiful capture of an amazingly beautiful city.

And I totally agree with your assessment of the Italian people re how to live. (Especially when it comes to eating!)