Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Jay

Blue Jay
A wily and aggressive member of the Corvid family.


Tom Hilton said...

Nice. I remember these from when I was a kid. Out here it's all Steller's Jays or Western Scrub Jays.

Generik said...

Yeah, Steller's Jays are pretty much all I ever see here in California. This guy is beautiful with his light coloring.

So jays are part of the crow/raven family? I did not know that.

ahab said...

I'm not familiar with your Jays. Blue Jays are common and pretty strongly disliked here in the east for their bullying, murderous lifestyle. But we don't get many of them in our yard, so we appreciate seeing them when they do visit. Such beautiful birds. But real bastards. Smart and brutal, just like their black cousins.