Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Life

Still Life II

Alternate take:

Still Life


Tom Hilton said...

Lovely. Both nice, but I like the first one better (the water droplets make it).

Donna said...

Gorgeous. A diptych!

Generik said...

Love, love, love both of these. When I saw them show up on Flickr earlier today I hoped you'd post them here.

And if I hadn't already picked my favorites from the past year, I'd include these -- especially the first one.

Cait Wade said...

These are both great! I love the water droplets of the first, and the exposure of the second.

ahab said...


I took these in the gutter in front of my house. You find the most beautiful things in there. I have a third shot from a few days earlier, when it was colder and the leaves were iced over. But I'm holding that one back for our next "fiscal year," which begins in a few days.