Wednesday, November 3, 2010

City Hall, Giants Orange

City Hall, Giants Orange

The San Francisco Giants are the 2010 World Series champions (maybe you heard -- it was in all the papers), and this city has not stopped celebrating yet. As a special added treat, they clinched the title on Mrs. G's birthday.

We're so happy!

Here's what City Hall has looked like at night for the past couple weeks -- although this particular shot was taken not long after the last out, and includes the dozens of cars that were driving past, with drivers honking their horns and passengers waving flags and rally rags and T-shirts and all the screaming and yelling and commotion that comes with winning a championship.


I'm so happy right now.


ahab said...

Really fantastic. Very happy for you guys and your city. But that's it -- Philly's back on top next year. ;)

Tom Hilton said...

Outstanding shot! The Ferry Building and Coit Tower are also orange, but I have yet to get a decent shot of them.


Generik said...


I have not yet had a chance to shoot Coit Tower, and I'm afraid it might already be too late.

Anonymous said...

Love this shot, and the Giants!

Savannah said...

First of all, congrats.
(Stupid Padres!)
And this shot is great. Not only for what it stands for but love the lacy traffic.