Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bark Canoe

Bark Canoe


Tom Hilton said...

Silly ahab...canoes don't bark, dogs bark!

Cool shot.

Donna said...

love the curves!

and yeah, Ahab, everyone knows that canoes canoodle.
: )

ahab said...

Thanks, I liked the curves too, and the light playing on them. Tom, you gave me a moment of panic that it should have been spelled "barque."

The Old Town canoe company is headquartered not far from the lake I stayed on, but these are the real local canoes. The best of them are completely hand-made, sealed with pine pitch and constructed with a single piece of birch bark. They're very light, so you can easily portage them, which is useful in this region of networked lakes, rivers and marshes. And they're available for about $5,000 each.

I'll try to get better shots of them next year, they're really beautiful.

Generik said...

That's just a great shot right there. Put that one up next to Tom's multicolored kayaks and hang them on a wall for a year or two.