Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blue and Wonder

Blue and Wonder

My title is the title of a Richard Buckner song. I was on my way to see him the day I took this, FWIW. Mary objects to the wires, but I think they're kind of wonderful.

I'm currently without my good camera, which I broke and had to send to Nikon for repair. You know the birds are going to go nuts on me while it's away, right?

And while I'm raving with heatstroke, I'll point out to our audience, including that E6 guy who I see has been around, that Flickr has upgraded its photo viewer. Go to a photo's page and click on the photo again, and a magnificent, full-screen lightbox viewer will open. You can then scroll through a whole set of photos. It's pretty great.


Generik said...

I'm also loving the new Flickr feature -- as well as this picture.

E-6 said...

Very nice. Those are lovely blue hues. FWIW, I like the wires, too.

How was Mr Buckner? (I stumbled across that video just last week. It's most excellent.)

ahab said...

Thanks, G&E.

Buckner was outstanding, E. I wrote a quick review in comments here somewhere, maybe I'll go back and dig it up. Unfortunately, I was ill the next week and had to miss Damien Jurado, whose new CD is superb. Hoping to catch Clem Snide in a couple of weeks. I really like them and esp Eef Barzelay's solo work, which is deliciously cynical.

Jesus H Christ it is hot out.

Donna said...

I'm with E-6, like the wires. Also. Too. Love the colors and angles.

can you make the heat stop, plz?

Tom Hilton said...

Very nice, wires and all.