Friday, July 30, 2010

Belted Kingfisher

Master of all he surveys.


Donna said...

LOVE that background!

Tom Hilton said...

Really nice shot. I love the ambiguity of the lake that looks like sky.

ahab said...


This guy is the coolest little bird. (Actually he's not that small. He's maybe as big as a Robin.) He spends the day moving around from perch to perch about 20-30 feet above the lake and watching for fish. When he spots one he swoops down and picks it right out of the water with his beak. Then he returns to a perch and gulps it down whole. I shot him a few days ago munching down a baby trout. He seemed very pleased with himself.

ahab said...

Actually he's about 1/3 bigger than a Robin.

Generik said...

I would be very pleased with myself if I could swoop down from a rooftop, pick up a baby trout and swallow it whole.

Very pleased, indeed.