Friday, May 21, 2010

She Loves the Camera

She Loves the Camera

This is Michela, a young woman I've gotten to know through Flickr and the various photowalks I've been on in the past six or eight months, looking at my Yashica Mat-124. She started the Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club, and is an enormously talented photographer. This was taken on our last Friday night adventure in the canyons of the Financial District.

She's also no slouch in the modeling department:

Live to Ride


Tom Hilton said...

Excellent portraits. Of course, the subject is pretty easy on the eyes...

Generik said...

Thanks. She does make a great subject, and is really a very sharp and talented young woman with boundless energy. Plus, she's just nuts about photography. The last Caliber walk we went on, she had FIVE cameras with her -- and at least four of them were film cameras, not digital (including one Polaroid). She's a real inspiration.