Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Really a Martini Monday

One Is Good, Two Are Better

Yes, it is Monday, but this is actually just a chilled vodka with olives. (Shhh, don't tell Tom!)

One is good, two are better.


Tom Hilton said...

Are those blue cheese-stuffed olives? Because if so, I can almost forgive the vodka (and the no vermouth).


Generik said...

Not bleu cheese, but goat cheese. A specialty at the bar known as Olive.

And very tasty in a chilled Stoli or Grey Goose or Ketel One.

George said...

Sorry, but only gin is a martini. If it's anything with vodka, it's a cocktail. Can be a very good one, but words are important.

And it's best to shake some Noilly Prat with the ice, pour it off, than add your gin and shake.

ahab said...

Now that's a handsome shot.

(George, Generik gets it all the time for the vodka thing -- hence, "Not Really a Martini Monday.")

Donna said...

A lovely shot. goat cheese stuffed olives? my god, that's just too awesome!

Generik said...

Right. Not Really a Martini. Posted on Monday. I understand and appreciate the distinction.

It was a damn good cocktail, though!