Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pantheon, Rome


Donna said...

sweet composition, man.

Generik said...

Very nice! I thought it was the Vatican until I read the caption. I'm afraid the Pantheon is one spot Mrs. G and I did not get to when we were in Rome.

Next time!

ahab said...

Thanks. I love this place, it's one of my favorite spots in the world. Esp the exterior. It's been called the most perfect ancient building in existence. Designed by the Emperor Hadrian, an amateur architect, in the 1st century AD.

(That is Raphael's tomb at bottom right, btw.)

Donna, an ultra-wide lens would be fun in there.

ahab said...

Or maybe it is by Trajan's architect Apollodorus of Damascus. See Wikipedia.

Tom Hilton said...

Lovely. Great angle and composition.