Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The National Pastime

Old Time Base Ball

Baseball season is here! The Giants beat the Astros in their first game of the season yesterday, so they can still go 162-0 (theoretically, anyway).

Huzzah for the national pastime!


Tom Hilton said...

Looks like triple-A. Nice atmospheric sepia.

Generik said...

It's actually a local, non-professional league playing by 1880s-era rules, wearing period outfits and using period equipment. This is the San Francisco Pacifics, playing the New Almaden Quicksilvers at Golden Gate Park. There are another five teams (I think) in the league, in San Jose, Oakland and Fremont, among other places. Lots of fun to watch.

Savannah said...

if you build it...they will come

E-6 said...

Man, that's a throwback jersey I'd wear.

(How 'bout them Twins?)