Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel Thursday: Berlin

Kaiser Wilhelm Church

This is the bombed-out (and preserved that way) Kaiser Wilhelm Church at twilight. We only had 24 hours in Berlin, so we tried to make the most of it. What we really need to do is go back and spend a week or more.


Holocaust Memorial Red

Banhof Potsdamer Platz

Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Balloon II

Stained Glass Tilt

Berlin Sculpture

Dem Deutschen Volke

Kiosk in Berlin


Donna said...

Jesus, great stuff!
I had four days in Berlin (a year after the wall had gone down) and had a really mediocre time except for an art opening (at their version of the MoMA), some flea markets and the Pergammon (sp?) Museum. OK, it was actually really pretty much way cool except for where I was staying and the fact that I'd just come off a 4 day Polish vodka bender in Krakow with a bunch of Australians and Peace Corps workers....ah, I miss my body's relative youth.

Generik said...

Thanks, but you don't have to call me Jesus!

(And I will seriously drink to 4-day vodka benders in Krakow, almost regardless of who the other participants are.)

ahab said...

Wow, great stuff! So dramatic.

I was in Berlin in '96, when Potsdamer Platz was a sea of construction cranes. I'd love to go back, esp now that I'm back into photography.

Such a cool city.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

We see the stark shell
of Kaiser Wilhelm Kirche,
and hear bombs falling…

Generik said...

MMT, love the haikus you post. Thanks!