Monday, November 19, 2012


Compostition Sorry about the title. Sometimes I can't help myself.


Tom Hilton said...

Lovely. I think this could also make a really nice black & white version.

(Had to read the title a couple of times to get it. Ouch. ;-) )

ahab said...

Good idea on the b&w, I'm going to try it. I do like the subtle reds and blues in this, but the line play is fun too and it's something that b&w will definitely pull out.

I thought maybe I could re-shoot it and accentuate the edge lines, but of course Mary raked up those leaves this morning.

Never fails. Shoot it or lose it.

Generik said...

It took me a second look to see what you meant about the title as well. Lovely shot, and personally, I like the color in it. Might be interesting to see what you could get in b&w with these, but I think this is pretty perfect as is.