Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faces of Chinatown

The Woman in Red

After Tom and Bill and I met up a couple weeks ago at the Gold Dust Lounge, we walked from Union Square up to North Beach, through Chinatown. While walking through that very heavily traveled and always crowded neighborhood, I practiced a little shooting from the hip. Here is one result; there are more below the fold.


On Stockton Street

Comparison Shopping


Have Another Hit

Woman on Stockton Street


Not Completely Focused


ahab said...

Good aim! Got some good stuff there.

Tom Hilton said...

Great set. You're still the king of shots like these.

Generik said...

What made this an even more interesting exercise is that I was shooting with the 50mm, which has its own restrictions in terms of DOF and focal length. With the zoom, I can pan way out and crop down later. The 50mm really narrows what I shoot. Still, I was pretty happy with most of the shots I got that day.