Thursday, December 22, 2011

"All I want for Christmas is a little kitten."

"The SPCA Would LOVE To Know That You Only Pet Me 16 Hours A Day."
Minolta XE-7

Legact Pro 400 pushed to 800
Developed in Rodinal


Generik said...

You just keep flogging Molly, and I'll just keep saying "Awww!"

What a sweet face!

It's so cool that ahab has the bird shots and you have the dog shots. Plus all the other great shots that you guys take.

Happy holidays to you both, and to Tom (of course!) as well!

William Buckley said...

Thanks man, and the same to you all.

E-6 said...

Awww. Great portrait.

And Seasons Greetings to all y'all.

Tom Hilton said...

Heh...sweet (I'm sure she wouldn't do the kitten any harm)...

And happy holidays to all y'all!

ahab said...

You won't sneak any clicks of your shutter past that girl.