Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Basking In The Sunshine Of A Bygone Afternoon

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William Buckley said...

Canon AE-1P

Ilford FP4+
Developed in Rodinal

ahab said...

Thanks for the details! You know, you/we could start including them, where appropriate, "under the fold," in other words accessible by that "more" link that has been stranding at the top of your posted shots. I'm not sure if Tom has explained that feature to you, but maybe he will volunteer to do so in an email.

This is a cool shot. Austere.

Are you sure you don't have a tilt-shift lens?

ahab said...

I guess we're just supposed to wonder what you had to drink while developing?

E-6 said...

I half expect Sydney Greenstreet to come strolling through that doorway. What a swell capture.

I like guessing what you guys were drinking. ;-)

Tom Hilton said...

Great shot! And E-6 is right--serious noir feel to this.

William Buckley said...


I took this at the Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA

If you think it is more interesting I will start putting the info "under the fold." If I remember correctly I had a Bushmills during the developing process. No joke.

Man, I would LOVE a TS for the Canon.