Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Osprey, Hurtling

Osprey, Hurtling
This is from a couple of years ago, but I don't think I've ever posted it. Osprey dive like this from 100 to sometimes 500 feet or more, right into the water. As they approach the water they slow a bit, aim, and go in feet first. They're amazingly successful fishers -- Bald Eagles on my lake find it more efficient to chase down an Osprey and take away its fish than to catch one themselves. I've got shots of some of those chases I'll post sometime.


Generik said...

Great shot and story.

So sorry to hear about your computer woes! I can sympathize, having lost my hard drive just a couple months back. And the new one is much noisier than the old one was -- I have a feeling it's going to crap out on me at some point as well. I'm trying to be diligent about backing everything up, but I just have this sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be taking the damn thing in again before too very long.

ahab said...

Thanks! It was an off year this spring due to the late winter, so Osprey were not here in full force. And I think most of them have moved on already. But I got some nice fresh shots of them while they lasted.

My computer is like seven years old. I'd have replaced it a couple of years ago but for Vista. I upgraded the HDDs and the GPU last year, but it's just basically outdated at the CPU level. I don't look forward to transferring my entire e-life over, though, I'll tell you that. Slacker that I am, it'll be months before I'm all tuned up and ready to trash the old machine.

But I am excited about running programs at 64 bits, especially my Lightroom photo software.

Tom Hilton said...