Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More from WonderCon


I called this guy a repairman in the title of this shot, but I believe this is actually supposed to be a Ghostbuster costume. In any event, I liked the pose and the light and the busy-ness of his outfit.

I never ran into Tom there, unfortunately, but I sure took a lot of pictures.


ahab said...

Only in SF! Nice shot(s).

But how do you know Tom is not behind one of those masks?

Tom Hilton said...

Nice, great set (as usual).

And the reason we didn't run into each other is that by the time I got around to thinking about buying a ticket, Saturday was sold out, so I went Sunday instead.

Generik said...

Good point, ahab.

But explained by Tom -- on Sunday I was busy processing the 1000+ shots I took over Friday and Saturday.

Tom, if I had known you were going Sunday, I would have given you my weekend pass.