Monday, October 4, 2010

Rally Rags

Rally Rags

The Giants win the West! The Giants win the West!

After Friday and Saturday's losses, some fans were afraid that the orange Rally Rags would turn into Crying Towels come Sunday, but the team pulled out a 3-0 gem and defeated the Padres to win the NL West. Now it's on to the playoffs!


E-6 said...

So, Generic's Gigantes join ahab's Phils and my Twinkies at the big dance. This should be fun.

(I already stocked up Maalox.)

ahab said...

It's like I'm living someone else's baseball life the past few years. Weird, very weird.

Generik said...

I'm still about two feet off the ground -- but I don't want to come back to earth any time soon. About mid-November would be good.

Generik said...

Also, E-6? I hope your Twins beat the hell out of the Yankees!

Savannah said...

Stupid Padres!